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Welcome to the MHF members area. Both the myhomefoundry.com and the myfoundrycoach.com web site, and the new MHF can all be accessed from this site, if you area Bronze member or just cruising around there is lots to look at.

The new MHF members area has much to offer the hobby foundry worker.

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We are now entering year 12 since we first took our hobby foundry mission on line, it’s hard to believe how quick the time has passed, but every day there are more new people visiting our web site wanting to learn more about hobby foundry, and remember, no matter where you live in the world, you can begin hobby metal casting without resorting to expensive equipment or tools.

Our mission is to help guide you along the path to metal casting success, the information ebooks and videos we have put together over more than three decades have helped many thousands of people just like you.

Are you new to the foundry craft? Perhaps you have some interesting ideas that you would like to explore and convert into metal castings, then let us help you to achieve your dream, no matter how small it is.

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The thing to remember with foundry work is to begin small, keep it simple, take your time, each small success will help enhance your skills and boost your confidence, it is a step-by-step, ongoing process, there is no need to rush the learning, and please don’t fall into the trap of trying to “learn it all in a week”, because by doing that, you are only setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

The hobby foundry material supplied by myhomefoundry has helped people achieve amazing metal casting success, the info packages and videos we have made available are educational, informative and easy to understand.

There are packages for the beginner, as well as for the more advanced hobby foundry worker. The choice you make will depend on your passion for foundry work, and what you want to achieve with your new skills.

Recently we received an email from one of our clients in the USA… This is what he had to say;

“This casting thing has taken off huge for me. I get more and more orders every day.  I recently sold and delivered a set of my crank cases to your country Australia. So now I’m officially international. LOL. My mold making keeps getting better and my casting and machining abilitys also”.

“I couldn’t have done this with out your guidance and inspiration Col. Thanks so much”.

“I’ve seriously out grown my garage, but continue to trip over my piles and piles of stuff.  Hope to expand soon and get some much needed room. My furnace continues to work flawless”.
Tim Taft
Prowler Karts
We have have kept in touch with Tim during his journey, he has come a long, long way from the very first tentative steps he made in the beginning. But succeed he did, he kept chipping away until he found the casting success that he was looking for. Well done Tim, we are proud of what you have achieved… and I believe there’s more to come from Tim yet… Watch this space as they say.

Like most things, you learn by doing, and foundry work is no exception, we can provide further and ongoing support through the Bronze Members Area of this web site, the low monthly fee ($9.97) will provide you with access to tutoring or coaching via training videos.

Your paid membership subscription can stay open for as long as you wish, you are not locked into any long term membership contract, which means you can opt out of your subscription at any time.

In the past few years, hobby foundry has gone through an incredible growth period, and no doubt many people should be rightly proud of their metal casting success. We have re-organised our web sites, and will continue providing foundry information and support to the people who have supported and encouraged us over the past few years.

If you are new to the foundry craft, but you’d like to kick start your hobby, right now is a great time to begin, why not make the decision today to acquire and download your info books, and join our membership area to boost your learning even more. The information will certainly help you to get cracking on your metal casting journey, you can bring those projects to fruition that you’ve been dreaming about for so long, this is the time to fulfill your hobby metal casting ambitions.

If you are looking for a certain piece of information on this web site, just use the search function, (Top Right Hand Corner) Try it out, type the relevant key words into the search box, then click the search button, and voila, instant result, you may not hit the jackpot every time, but nine times out of ten, you should find what you want. Bronze Members can access it all.

We hope you enjoy your visit.  Feel free to leave your comments, or, if you’ve just become a MHF Bronze Member, let us know if you are looking for some particular info that you cant find it with the search box function.


  1. AUSTINE MAKPO says:

    I am very pleased to be a part of this group.

  2. Robert Myszkewicz says:

    i can’t find where to join free membership!

  3. Cary Brief says:

    wondering what you suggest as a good all around flux for aluminum? what do you use for brass or bronze? I have been using boric acid for most of my casts of bronze over the years – but would like to hear what you do. thanks

    • admincol says:

      A good aluminium flux that we use is Foseco Coveral11, for degassing the aluminum melt you cant go past Nitril C19 or C10 it might be called now. There are three things you can use for a flux when melting Bronze.
      Crushed or powdered glass. (From an old bottle, but dangerous job to crush glass) Borax also works well. Crushed charcoal will provide a good anti oxidant coverage for the melt. But the best would have to be Foseco’s Cuprex flux, which is good for all copper based metals.


  4. Cary Brief says:

    been reading about fluxes – crushed glass and washing soda for copper (think it works for brass and bronze) I used to use borax for brass and it always worked good. what about for Aluminum – is borax good for that too?

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