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Decorative Metal Work.

Up-Dated Version, now includes valuable additional new chapter "How To Course "Oxy/Acet" - Learn Gas Welding & Brazing. 

If you enjoy working with metal using simple hand tools, then you will be keen to learn the techniques and methods described in the Decorative Metal Work ebook. It is by no means difficult to do. The basic requirements are; Creativity - hands, basic tools. Easy. 

A fertile imagination to originate and develop the ideas; hands on basic skills to work out the ideas, and a few basic tools to turn the ideas into a solid metal form.

The Decorative Metal Work book explains the special joining & forming techniques when working with the following materials:

  • Rod & Wire.
  • Band & Strip or Ribbon work.
  • Sheet Metal Repousse Work.

Decorative metal work can be done with simple, basic hand tools. For light sheet work - which is the first step to metal working - the following tools are all that is necessary:

  • pair of shears or tinsnips.
  • pair of cutting pliers.
  • pair of round nosed and another longer nosed pair of pliers.
  • sharp punch for making holes in the metal.
  • reimer for enlarging holes.
  • long pointed awl, also useful for marking out designs and tracing patterns onto metal.
  • small anvil, a template for the purpose of bending curves (these may be made out of rods of wood or iron), and lastly a small ball peen engineers hammer.

    You'll also learn how to make simple metal scroll formers.


A large proportion of metal working shapes evolve around curves and scrolls. The round nosed, or pointed pliers can be used to form small scrolls. A more advanced method is to make up some metal formers, which can be used to roll the wire or metal around to the desired shape. All of these simple tools are described in detail.

The Beauty of an "S" curve.
It has been said that the only line of beauty is the "S" curve, and it is just as important in metalwork as in all others.

In order to achieve success in art metalworking, it is necessary to start at the beginning and advance in easy stages in order to perfect the art. To do this, commence with the simplest designs and use the commonest material. The beauty of the work consists in the general effect it has by appealing to the artistic sense of the individual.The article may be unpretentious and simple in itself, the workmanship not by any means perfect, yet it will possess a charm that can hardly be described.

Lost Metal Colouring Techniques. 

Brass Colouring and Lacquering.
Learn how to use these old techniques. All metals can be coloured and brass is no exception. This technique is a metal surface coloured by lacquer or chemical action. To obtain the various colours, several methods are known and practised. such as:
Green and Light Coating of Verdigris - Orange inclining to Gold - Steel
Grey Bronze, Japanese Bronze: 

Like to learn how to etch metals?
The history of etching is interesting, the art is believed to have originated in Germany, judging by its name Etzen; but the earliest known etchers were Albert Durer, a German, and Agostino Veneziano and Paxmogiano, both Italian masters. Soldering & Brazing techniques are required to hold your metal peices together, the art of soldering and brazing will also be discussed.

Want to Know about:

Stencil Cutting - Sheet Metal Cross Strips and Borders - How to make tools for Bending Iron Scrolls - Copper Modelling. Learn the delicate art of working with thin sheet copper. It is so thin that a pencil will emboss it.The design is marked out, and the relief is done with special hand tools. (You can also make these your self) 

  • Use the techniques & knowledge to create & make your own reproduction French style metal outdoor furniture, you will be surprised at what you can create.

There is so much to learn from this rare old Decorative Metal Work book, a lost craft from another era, this ebook will show you how to create intricate metal work just like the craftsmen of old. The ebook is a modern day pdf, easy to download, and easy to read, grab it now while you can. 

It may even be possible to combine some of the metal work ideas from this book and combine them with blacksmith & foundry skills to make something really special for your home, office, or to sell at local markets. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Learn how the Master Metal Workers of the early 1900s plied their craft.

Decorative Metal Work ebook.
This ebook will show you the metal craft techniques & methods used by the master metal workers at the turn of the last century, it deals with  how to work with Sheet Metal - Rod & Wire to make all kinds of practical items, using simple everyday hand tools, if you are into creative metal work, this is the book for you.

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