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From Basic To Advanced Metal Casting.

Most of the things you will do in your hobby foundry will most likely be basic stuff, but once you gain experience and confidence in pattern making & metal casting you will begin to get very creative and start to build some great projects, a featured article in the Hot Metal Ezine presented photographs and an article about a chap whose name is Mike who lives in Kalgoorlie Western Australia.

Mike has embarked on a project to manufacture his own aero engine, the project includes designing & making the patterns and pouring all of the castings, and then machining them.
Now we are not suggesting that you will want to make your own aero engine, but we are showing you this as an example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. 

A selection of nice aero engine castings - rocker covers and rockers.

Crankcase & cylinder barrel castings, hard to imagine they have been home made isn't it.
The engine now taking shape, awesome engineering project.

There much to learn about metal casting, and It is best not to be too ambitious when starting out, be eager to learn, but take it slowly...the old saying that you have to "crawl before you walk" is so true. Too many newbies want to cast something complicated first off.... which generally leads to failure, and loss of interest in the hobby because they dont understand why they failed. If you begin with simple projects, you will build a solid foundation of skills and methods which will enable you to tackle more complex projects with confidence and skill in the future 

What kind of things would you like to create in metal?

Hobby Foundry Work is NOT difficult to do as long as you take the time to learn and understand the basic methods & techniques. The ebooks you'll find in our library will outline the methods that work in the home hobby foundry.

The collection of ebooks we have available on this web site provide an extensive knowledge base to help you achieve your dreams in metal.

Now visit the library, and the testimonial page, we can help you to make the right start with your metal casting projects.

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