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How To Build A Sheet Metal & Plate Rolling Machine.

Yes, you can roll sheet metal or light plate, in your own workshop with a home built metal rolling machine.

I know what you're thinking... metal rollers cost an awful lot of money, and you can't afford to buy that kind of gear, well, we've got some good news for you.

Gordon Bland from New Zealand came up with a brilliant low cost solution to roll the metal bands and the inner sheet metal former for his gas fired furnace before pouring the castable refractory. Gordon did not have access to a set of rollers, so he set about designing and building his own metal rolling machine.

And a fine job he has done with the design. It's the kind of machine you could easily build over a couple of weekends, many people have used the design outlined in this ebook to build a very serviceable & useful sheet metal rolling machine for their metal workshop.

Sheet Metal Rolling Machine In Action.

The rolling machine shown above might not be considered a foundry tool, but I can tell you, it will sure come in handy when you begin fabricating and building your foundry equipment tools & things. There'll be no more time wasting trying to find someone to roll metal when you want it done. With your own set of rollers you'll be able to roll sheet metal and light plate into a perfect & precise circle, that sure beats trying to hammer & form metal around a large steel wheel, pipe, or a wooden post.  
As in other designs there is an adjustable roller to make different radii, and a unique action that allows the rolled sheet to be easily removed after the rolling operation is complete.
The ebook Gordon has compiled; "How To Build Sheet Metal And Plate Rollers", will show you how to build a machine that will be a valuable metal working tool for your workshop, the cost to build your own metal rollers will be a mere fraction of the cost of a commercially made machine, and probably just as good.
Lets face it, to purchase a 20" brand name sheet metal roller will cost you around the $400.00 US mark, if you follow Gordon's instructions which are outlined in the "how to" ebook, you could probably build your own unit for about $50.00 US, that's a pretty big saving over the price of a new machine, not to mention the fun and personal satisfaction you'll reap from building the machine yourself, and once built, it will be ready to use at a moments notice, and you'll get a lifetime of use from it.

Gordon has done all of the hard work for you, he has supplied the drawings, the colour photographs and a detailed "how to build" description.There's really no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a sheet metal rolling machine. The How To Build Sheet Metal & Plate Rollers ebook can be yours right now for only $9.97US. We've packed the ebook into a ZIP file, which means a quick download, just unpack the zip file, and you can get cracking on your new sheet metal roller project right away.

Of course, to build the sheet metal rolling machine there is some machining required, plus some Arc or MIG welding, but then, you already knew that didn't you, so what's stopping you. Like to start a new project tomorrow?

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