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We've written the ebooks for the practical person (You) who's keen to learn how to do metal casting in the home workshop. We've documented, illustrated, measured & photographed the things you will need to study and learn about. Please,take a few minutes to read the customer testimonials below.

Hi Col,
I purchased your 3-Vol book and received the bonus titles yesterday. I'm finding 'Metal Casting Made Easy' is: Well laid out, easy to follow. And has good informative photo's. Thanks and well done; I'm looking forward to getting set up to do some casting.
Glen Walker.
Vic. Australia.

Hi Col
Thank you for the foundry ebooks. Im not only reading your ebook material, but studying it with great care & detail. Its very interesting, and is a delight to read and discover things which were unknown. Im now planning my future activities in metal casting, beginning with the furnace.
Thank you again and good luck.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your books. The main reason I bought the package was for the Gyratoy riddle. I have been hobby casting for 2 -3 years now, and still learning. One of the odious tasks is tempering the sand, hence the desire for the riddle. Love the hobby, and my goal is to build a traction engine, some of the parts for which I have already cast. But I have a lot of other  tooling to build first. So casting is an integral part of my tooling up program. Thanks again for your books, they provide an excellent source of information all in the one package.
Brian Gough. Burpengary Qld Australia.

I enjoyed foundy when I was in High School, and now my son has shown some interest in it. It's been about 15 years since I have done it, your web site has been an exciting refresher course, and now with your ebooks it will help me pass the experience on to him.
Thank you. Mike Burks. North Texas, USA.

Colin. Thanks for taking the time to put this collection of very useful infor-mation together. "I'm sure it will be invaluable in my quest to do some home foundry work". I do Jeep restoration as a hobby. Some of the models just don't have parts available any more. That is the root of my interest. I have a small machine shop and enjoy doing the work myself. Regards, James H Simpson (Jim) UT.USA.

I have found the ebooks extremely useful. They are just what I needed. I originally started knowing nothing about metal casting. All I knew was  that it involved sand as the moulding medium. The books are easy to read. I thought that the pictures could have been larger and therefore clearer, but I realised that would make the file a lot more memory hungry, and take con-siderably longer to download. I have an adsl connection, but I realise that many other people haven't.

Notwithstanding the above, I am extremely pleased with the ebooks. They are ideal for the beginner as they give a compre-hensive 'grounding' and I think that they were worth every penny (cent, centime, pfennig,... or what-ever currency). You are prov-iding a system i.e. the ebooks are fully sup-ported with a technical information and  advice service. It's almost like a course of instruction.

As a beginner I wanted a source of information that would give me all I needed to know to get started in metal casting. "In fact I found more". I found information that is easy to understand, to enable me to build my own equipment, to start make my own castings, and with it an ongoing source of technical information and advice. I have always found you very helpful, approachable and friendly, and I think that you are doing a thoroughly good job and I wish you every success.
Regards. David Churchward. East Sussex England.

Hi Colin,
I must say that I found the Gates and Risers ebook to be an indespensable reference. By having that material avaliable. I was able to enjoy a "First Time Go" (meaning my first pour was suc cessful). Though my first casting was rather simple "Gates and Risers" will help insure that my efforts will not be wasted no matter what part I set out to fabricate.
Sean Capogreco. North Carolina USA.
(Gates & Risers is the companion ebook to the 3-Vol Hobby Foundry ebook)

I have spent the best part of my weekend trying to help my father with an .exe type of e-book he was given for Christmas; I must congratulate you for using PDFs, and the functionality they offer to the user. My dad has an ebook file created by ****labs which locks the files as images inside a browser based viewer. All well and good, except the print functionality is so pathetic that the only print function available prints each page the size of playing cards (one per page).

Thank you for producing PDF ebooks, which are "easy to read" using acrobat reader, instead of resorting to the ebook pub-lishing programs used by other authors. The book my father has is related to vintage and veteran motorcycles, and the ebook was published using software from ****labs... the problems experienced there are terrible", and I'm very, very thankful that your books aren't filled with those problems.
Once again, thanks for using PDFs.
Des Bromilow.

G'day Col,
I'm as happy as a pig in the proverbial with your ebooks!
I've read them several times on the screen, but being a "mature muck-arounder", I print out the pages that I can't manipulate "on screen" for a full understanding of the articles. At this stage, I am in the process of gathering components for the foundry, and by the end of this month it will be up and running.

Things like the gyratory riddle have been adapted to what is available in my junk pile, and the metal cope and drag have been adapted to what was available locally but using the same principles as in the ebooks. I've had a long look at other sites for the past year, but it's great to have a local source, listing local suppliers and  using terminology that I and local suppliers understand.

We usually burn the tops of trees around here to save cluttering up your paddocks, but now they are cut into 4-inch lengths for the making of charcoal, which I learned from your ebooks. I may never be a great metal-caster, but I'm having a load of fun.
Noel Watson & Ren Busch
Avoca. Australia.

Hello Colin,
How's the weather down there in OZ. It's a chilly 30f degrees and snowing up here. I just purchased your wonderful E-book and am having trouble putting it down long enough to send you this note. God Bless
Gilbert Myers. USA.

Love Your Books! Great Advice! Great Pictures!
Good Stuff, All of it!
Thanks. M. Gutzmer

Hi Col.

I hope all is well in your part of the world. Over the holidays, I had some time to complete reading of the CD Rom, and wanted to thank you again. It was most interesting reading and I am sure I will be able to apply it as I progress in this hobby. 

Best Wishes from Canada.
Doug Chapman.

Colin Croucher, an Aussie has published an ebook on metal casting which you may want. Many of you know me from my casting videos. Having bought Colin's E book out of curiosity and skim read it, I can say that he has done a great job. He goes in to fine detail and much more than I have time to explain in a video. So get and download the ebook. I'm an experienced metal caster so I didn't learna all that much, but it is the absolute must have for the beginner and intermediate caster.
Yes, I've  known Colin in Es, for years back when we had around 50 members on hobbicast and he ask me questions. He has come a long way in his casting experience, and his ebook is worth the buy.  And for the skeptics, no, I don't know Colin personally and he didn't ask for my recommendation!

The book is about 100 pages long with great graphics. Colin casts in green sand, but has provided a free supplement of instructions for us Petrobond users.
Best, Jerry Foundryman in Missouri, USA
Custom Castings by Twaddell
foundryman@igateway.net. (And remember that this was back when only the main ebook and one bonus ebook was included in the package)

If your computer ever crashes & you lose your ebooks, rest
assured we will help you to restore them.... read the this

Customer Request. 24/03/06
Hi Colin.
Last summer I purchased your foundry ebooks. I have since moved out of the  city and into the country where my wife and I have retired, during the move my computer was damaged. I cannot retrieve any of my ebook files. Would it be possible that you could verify that I did indeed purchase the ebook and send me the book over again? In case it makes a difference, my old email address was; **net. and my mailing address was ** Manitoba, Canada. If my request is not able to be acted upon, I will order the ebook again upon hearing from you. Thanks for any help you can offer. Best Regards,
Ed McCormick

Our Reply. 24/03/06.
Hi Ed
Sorry to hear about your computer damage, I know what it's like to lose data... a real pain in the ass. Our data base details below show that you bought your ebooks at the date shown. Date: 2005-03-24. CB.Order:Y10Q32HR. I am only too happy to help you reinstate your ebook files at no charge, in fact the link I am about to give you will include a couple of other ebooks you may not have received last time. Please download your ebooks by clicking on the link.
Cheers. Col Croucher.

Hi Colin
Thanks very much for allowing me to download the foundry ebooks again. They came through just fine and this time I printed them out and also made an extra copy.
They are really good ebooks, full of relevant information, and they are clearly set forth.
Best Regards,


Hi Colin.
There are few folks like yourself who teach so fluently and seem to entertain at the same time. Your humor makes the lesson stick with straight forward common sense. The lessons allow imagination to be drilled milled and lathed into reality.
Your Education and method lends volumes to innovation.
Thanx for that.
Sean Capogreco
Nth Carolina USA.

You can make up your own mind about the learning value of the ebook package, but surely all of these people cant be wrong, they obviously know good value when they see it, the package is exceptional value.

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